Friday, October 9, 2009

Making Your Own Yogurt

I decided to try my hand at making my own yogurt in order to cut down on the higher costs of buying organic yogurt as well as knowing what exactly is in my yogurt.  I bought a yogurt culture starter that was sent to me in powder form and I added it to some organic milk.  After 2 days, the yogurt was "set" and I was able to taste my very first homemade yogurt.  Honestly, the taste wasn't bad at all.  Obviously I had to add some vanilla extract and sweetener (organic agave nectar is perfect!) and Katelyn even enjoyed it.  It was very liquidy because I chose to use 2% milk instead of the recommended whole milk.  I have read that you may add powdered milk to the mix and it should thicken it up.  I may try that next time or I will use whole milk because the consistancy was way too liquidy to enjoy it as actual yogurt but it would do well in a smoothie.  I was trying to save on calories but I think the whole milk will be worth it.  It is so easy to make and much cheaper than store-bought organic yogurt.  I bought my yogurt culture from a website for $11.99 and you only need to buy it once as long as you continue making a new batch of yogurt every week.  From now on, I am only spending money on the milk and I have the option of adding whatever I want to the yogurt.  What a frugle way to have organic yogurt for the whole family!

The website for the powdered yogurt culture is and I bought the Matsoni Yogurt Starter.  {I have read some yogurt recipes that use store-bought yogurt as a starter but I decided to start fresh and use this culture instead}  Let me know if you decide to try it!

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  1. I also want to add that you cannot use ultra-pasteurized milk which is not available in most grocery stores. I had to go to the health food store to find low pasteurized milk. The reason is that ultra-pasteurized milk is essentially dead so the yogurt cannot culture properly. Most well-known organic milk is ultra-pasteurized! This kills so many nutrients so I am surprised that so many organic milks are processed this way.