Thursday, October 8, 2009

Through Sweat and Toil

This weekend our family attended our very first Farmer's Market. I found a market that is only 2 miles down the road and they have several vendors providing an array of state-grown goods. I didn't have a plan as we walked into the market, but I did know that I wanted to buy some organic beef and vegetables. The kids were excited as we walked in and looked at the pumpkins lining the entrance. Katelyn enjoyed smelling a vendor's soy candles saying that the pink candle smelled like "pink". I think that made the vendor's day since I could hear him laughing as we walked away. Noah found a few rocks to put in our bag although I'm not quite sure if they were "organic" (hehe). Brenden and I were a bit confused as we tried to decide what to buy during our first trip. After purchasing a can of salsa, we made our way over to the organic beef vendor where we sampled some beef bratwurst that tasted amazing. The kids and I looked at pictures of the farmer, John, and his huge red tractor milling the organic wheat, pictures of the cows grazing in the wide open pastures, and the farmer's grandchildren helping grandpa on the farm and playing with the farm kittens. We even met the farmer in person and he told the kids about his grandchildren. It was incredible to meet the family who works the cattle ranch and know that we were all helping each other in some way. We bought a four pound brisket and four quarter-pound hamburger patties and I was already anticipating cooking a tasty, nutritious meal for my family. We then moved on to a lady's booth and picked out a few tomatoes and apples which Katelyn insisted on carrying the rest of the trip. Finally, we grabbed some onions and yellow squash on the way to the car and our first trip was complete. When we got home, we all tasted one of the tomatoes, two apples, organic beef jerky, and some salsa. Knowing that we are helping small family farms while helping our own family be healthier is something that I feel is another step in learning how to be a godly homemaker. Tonight I made organic brisket with organic carrots, farmer's market onions, organic garlic, and organic tomato sauce poured over the top served with freshly baked bread. It seriously was the best meal I have made yet. The flavor was amazing and it was all do to the fresh ingredients. I think cooking could be so simple if we only bought fresh ingredients that are organic and in season. We don't need seasoning packets or flavor additives to make our meals at home better. We are only covering up man's quest to gain control over our food sources and veer farther away from the wholesome goodness of God's creation. I am beginning to learn how important it is to eat organically through studying several books, documentaries, and websites. Even reading through Genesis with the kids has opened my eyes to the way God intended man to work the earth. God did not intend for man to create food in comfortable air-conditioned laboratories but said that man must sweat and toil for his food. As Christians, we should honor those farmers who still adhere to this important work ethic by supporting them and getting to know them through Farmer's Markets.


  1. Encourages me to look for our local Farmers Market for good food!

  2. has a list of all Farmer's Markets. I think you would enjoy it and I'm sure there are some bigger markets in the Dallas area.