Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Balancing Act

I want to make sure that readers of this blog know that I do not have it all together nor do I intend to portray such.  I am not the most organized person and I have been battling my procrastinative state since I was old enough to make my own messes.  I don't do well with following set schedules and I value the freedom in choosing my own daily responsibilities.  I have been procrastinating a bit less as I get older although I may always be labeled a recovering procrastinator.  I believe that being at home is the perfect place to grow and learn how to overcome my unsightly tendencies.  I am truly enjoying this growing time in my life, however when I am in learning mode or creating mode sometimes other responsibilities get placed on the back-burner.  I have come to realize that this is okay!  As a homemaker, I sometimes feel like I must present the perfect home and have the most perfectly behaved children because this is my job.  I am supposed to be constantly cleaning, teaching, organizing, etc. in order to validate being at home all day, right?!  No, I have once again been taught the importance of balance.  Balancing your duties as a homemaker is vital to finding joy in your home.  This means that sometimes the dishes will pile up in the sink, sometimes all of the laundry won't get put away, sometimes the weeds will be a little overgrown in the flowerbeds, sometimes creative projects must be put on hold.  Though the reasons for such neglect must be beneficial in other areas, a homemaker must rotate her responsibilities.  For example, when I am sewing a new project, I may not have a spick and span kitchen and when I am baking a bread that takes a few hours to prepare, I may not have the cleanest mirrors on the block.  This only means that I must rotate my creative days with my cleaning days and be happy that I have the freedom to set my own schedule.  I cannot neglect either area because I must create and I must clean or I will lose my joy in homemaking.  So, if you come to my house and the table linen has bread crumbs strewn about know that I was probably sewing, reading, or playing with my children that day.  If you come to my house and it looks especially tidy know that I was enjoying my responsibilities as a homemaker and in the next few days the house may look a bit unruly as I create once again.  I am still learning the balancing act of cleaning, creating, and teaching my children but as I continue to learn in these areas I make sure that I do everything joyfully.  No matter what I am doing that day, I know that I am trying my best to make my home a contented place for my family.

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  1. Been meaning to comment for awhile...always want to, half the time I'm too lazy :) Loved this post, Renee. So true, and so beautiful stated.