Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chipper, the pancake birdlet

There is something about a warm, freshly made pancake – straight from the stove pan. Butter, peanut butter, and warm syrup are my toppings of choice and I would perhaps eat this everyday if it was served to me. But as I feel that I should not eat the exact same thing every morning (I don’t know why I think this is wrong…but it is), I also don’t want to be standing at the burners first thing in the morning for 30 + minutes before I dive into my buttery goodness (well, they are wheat!). Anyway, the other day I was going along with my pancake-making business and I noticed a small circle forming off of the side of a larger, normal-sized pancake. I cut it off at once with my special pink pancake spatula and reserved it for one of the kids (they love super mini-pancakes). As I was gathering these super mini-pancakes, I noticed the shape of this special small circle and I couldn’t believe it! It was a pancake bird! Tail and all – so cute – and I immediately smiled. What a joy! And what do I do with such a precious little bird? Yes, it is a pancake but I could not throw it away. I couldn’t eat it and I was never going to let one of the kids eat it! So, I left it on the counter and took a picture with my camera phone to send to my husband and mom. The next day the little bird was quite crunchy but still just as cute. Do I find some sort of spray to preserve it and use it in some sort of craft? Do I make it into a Christmas ornament? I could see our embarrassed kids during future Christmas decorating sessions as mom brings out the strange pancake that she thinks looks like a bird and won’t let anyone else hang on the Christmas tree. My thoughts soaring as I’m making dinner, Katelyn “helping”, and she spots my little Chipper (yes, that’s HIS name) and…CRUNCH! My bird’s tail is gone, I’m guessing somewhere on the floor. All of my dreams and ideas down the drain – literally.

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