Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Think On These Things

You are what you read; what you read truly does affect your thoughts.  Have you ever read a romance novel only to find yourself wondering throughout the day if Elizabeth will ever snag that handsome rouge, Benjamin?  Or maybe you’ve read a certain vampire series and you soon began thinking there certainly may be vampires lurking about in the cool, dark night?  Recently I’ve been reading non-fiction books with subjects ranging from organization and gardening to theology and the kingdom of Christ.  When I read an organization book, I didn’t take many ideas from it, but it did motivate me to organize my closet, the kids’ room, and our filing cabinet.  After I read a crafting book, I picked up my felt pieces again and started cutting out flowers for a pillow I’ve been wanting to put together.  Because the subjects of books so obviously affects our thoughts, motivations, and actions, it is vital that we choose to read books that will encourage and inspire growth in our lives.   I just finished a book entitled The Kingdom and the Power, a book about the kingdom of Christ, and it has caused me to think of the awesomeness of the Lord's Day as all the saints are worshiping Christ together.  The Lord's Day is a time for those saints on earth and in heaven to come together with all of the angels to worship God and acknowledge our constant need for Him.  This past Sunday I had goose bumps as I thought of this when we were singing the Doxology.  The kingdom of Christ has been in my thoughts throughout the day and it has made me think about my actions even as I do my day-to-day tasks.  This is why it is important that we pick our reading materials wisely - it is what our thoughts will turn to during the day. 
Books are similar to our diet.  We must read books that will edify and encourage growth in many areas of our lives.  I think we can read some "fluff" here and there (by no means am I saying fiction is not encouraging!) but if that is all we read, we will be unhealthy.  Read the Bible.  Read a classic novel.  Read a book about a craft you've been wanting to try and it may just motivate you to actually do it!  Read and read wisely!


  1. Your cute lil sis, but that's just what I think when I see you! I love everything you do and I'm proud of you for loving our God and seeking after Him!!;)

  2. This is so true! Great post! I recently thought I was reading a "good" book and it turned out to be really bad and negative with lots of profanity and it just left me feeling awful! I have learned the hard way to research books a little further before purchasing.

  3. "Books are similar to our diet" true!! Thanks for sharing the importance of words.