Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cutest Sewing Machine Ever

I just had to share this cutesy little portable sewing machine featured from  How could you not enjoy sewing on this little piece!  I'm tempted to buy it and store it away until Katelyn is old enough to sew on her own.  At only $24 who can resist?!
Check out the DIY section on the Urban Outfitters website for all of their cool sewing options.  From sewing machines to buttons to patterns, they offer some amazing accessories.  The Sew U book looks like it has some great pattern ideas and I'm thinking of adding the sewing box to my Christmas list.  There are some interesting finds in the other sections of the website as well (like a mustache keychain made from, maybe that could be my next project! haha).  Happy WebWindow Shopping! :~)

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