Friday, September 4, 2009

Age Becomes Us

I must say I am enjoying getting older. While the world views age as something to either ignore or try everything possible to reverse, Christians should view growing older as a privilege. It is a privilege to be able to teach your children the love of Christ and a privilege to teach your grandchildren the wisdom you have learned. It is a privilege to continue to learn the vastness of Christ...something I think we can never stop learning. It is a privilege because we grow in our wisdom and we are able to pass it on. Right now I am learning this through attending church, hearing those who are much wiser talk about the kingdom of Christ, reading some amazing books, and even knowing that I am teaching my own children about God. Getting older makes me look forward to the days when I am in my rocking chair, happy with how my children are raising their own. While the world frantically tries to stay young, we should be showing the joy of age. Why are some so obsessed with looking like they haven't aged? Are they trying to hide the fact that they haven't gained any wisdom throughout their years? Are they scared of the realization that they haven't done anything for anyone other than themselves? Our society pushes away the old, ignores them, and thinks that they are wasted wonder Botox is all the rage. A wrinkle on the forehead may send you straight to the nursing home.

One thing I have recently enjoyed is seeing the old in our church. Watching them walk up to the alter to take communion shows how lovely Christ truly is. I love the front row of the "Golden Girls" in our church, always sitting together every Sunday, ready to receive Christ and His blessings once again. Christ and His blessings never age, never gets old. As our years come and go, we can rely on God's never-changing love, grace, and restoration.

If you haven't visited with your grandparents (or an elderly neighbor), go see them. If that isn't possible, send them a card in the real mail letting them know that you are thinking about them. Send them a bouquet of flowers (I plan on doing this for Brenden's grandmother). Bake them some banana bread or muffins. Show them that they are respected. Learn from their wisdom, or mistakes. You will be in their shoes some day and will want the same respect. Show them that they are beautiful and that age becomes them.


  1. This is straight from the heart of our Father! I love wisdom from our elders, but guess what?! Embracing age is hard for me to embrace! I admire you! Although, I think the only signs I see of age is beauty in you, I think in reading your heart, I might fear it right along with the society who has influenced my other definitions that I have had to let the Lord renew by the reading of His Word! This, however, is a big girl pill! We think that we are on our way out the door if our perceived beauty should wane! I thought for a long time that the trials I went through in my marriage were the result of weight gain much like a child thinks divorce is their doing!I am letting the Master do His refining and letting His light shine in all those dark places!! Love you! Sach

  2. You are such a breath of fresh air! What a beautiful post! :-)

  3. ugg! I posted(I thought) a response earlier, but it never showed up! Just wanted to say that I thought this was a beautiful post, Renee. Definitely something I needed reminding of. Also, LOVED the sweet ideas about honoring the elderly/grandparents. Our own parents are, of course, very involved in our childrens' lives, but now that we have four kids and often feel like we're barely keeping our head about water, we have gotten very bad about making the effort to encourage and honor our own aging grandparents. They live far away and we rarely see them...all the more reason to think creatively and be proactive in remembering them! Your post has encouraged me to do this now!